Terms and Conditions

We like to keep things fair and square with our customers because we believe in the traditional way of doing business where transparency and respect still hold importance. Because of this we have developed and implemented a set of rules which regulate the bounds of the contractual relationship we have with our private and business clientele. Providing a clearly defined work frame, these rules are referred to as service Terms & Conditions and are applied universally to all customers and services, unless otherwise stated and agreed.

The terms and conditions we work by are unbiased and do not favour one side of the contract over the other. However, the terms listed here outline and explain the rights and responsibilities of each party (customers and company) so that potential confusion and frustration are avoided or at least mitigated in cases of dispute or conflict.

Please take the time to read carefully and understand our terms and conditions prior to committing to our services. We understand that this takes time and effort, but we have kept legal lingo and long words to a minimum as we don’t like them either. If you find some of these terms and conditions unclear please let us know and we will do our best to clarify and explain.

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