We do our best to meet customers’ budget requirements and minimise the cost of using our services. Our pricing policies are fair and transparent, aimed at maintaining a more affordable service without compromise on quality or efficiency of our work. The service pricing and deals we offer is competitive and adequately corresponds to the external economic realities we have to operate in. We employ a number of practices on a daily basis which help us maintain good cost efficiency which in turn means better value for money for all customers.

  • Our prices are fair and do not contain any hidden fees or unmentioned additional charges. The pricing we offer is based on accurate quotes which reflect the true scale of customer service requirements.
  • We do not amend agreed and accepted quotes/pricing without notifying customers and explaining why the due changes were necessary. Other than that what’s agreed is what’s due – a fair principle that we adhere to every day.
  • In some cases we might be willing and able to do some price matching and meet/beat our competitors’ pricing on a given service.

Our price lists are reviewed and adjusted regularly to reflect relevant changes in the industry and the economy as a whole. Doing so helps us stay competitive and affordable.