We are committed to being one of the most affordable domestic cleaners in Bromley, offering genuine value for money to all customers. We have been able to do this in a number of ways, our moderate pricing being just one of them. We understand and appreciate the fact that customers have varied or specific service requirements which aren’t necessarily cheap to cover. In order to offset certain costs, and maintain an overall reasonable price list we apply different methods.

  • Special Deals – we are always running specials on one or more of our services. We also run many weekly, monthly or seasonal specials depending on the time of year. Some of our specials are permanent fixtures available all year round, others are limited time only offers so watch out for a special deal on a service you are after.
  • Service Packages – also known as bundles these options give you comprehensive coverage and unrivalled cost efficiency. A combination of services and/or additional options means you get a lot of cleaning for a very reasonable amount of money, not to mention convenience. Speak to our consultants about how and which services to combine as per your requirements.
  • Preferential pricing – discounts and preferential pricing are some of the most effective ways to keep things within budget. Our preferential pricing is available to private and business customers, the discount depends on the scale/complexity of the job and the frequency and duration of cleaning appointments (for regular customers).

Our knowledgeable consultants are up to speed with all the special deals and discounts we run at any one time so speak to them and check which of the specials you are eligible to receive. We will do our best to save you as much cash we can by offering the best deal on the service you are after.