Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning a carpet is not that easy of a job. It requires skills, knowledge and the proper equipment and cleaning methods, of course. Otherwise, the cleaning might be a disaster and finish with damaged carpets. What do we mean? Well, our team definitely wouldn’t recommend you performing the cleaning yourself especially following all of those methods that are on the internet. For example, all of those recipes using natural ingredients might ruin your carpet because you never know how the fabric is going to react to it.

What to do instead?

The best way to take care of your carpet is easy – use your vacuum cleaner on a regular basis and leave the deep cleaning to the professionals. Let us explain. Carpets are notorious dirt magnets. And not only do they attract lots of dirt they also attract dust, hair, germs, crumbs, and other debris. They are being absorbed by the carpet and go straight to its base. This makes them very hard to be extracted, and if you do not use the proper equipment then it’s impossible.

Do you use the vacuum cleaner often? It’s very helpful to hoover a carpet almost every day with the vacuum cleaner. This won’t get to the base to remove all of the dirt but however will reduce the amount of debris that is being absorbed instantly making your carpet a lot cleaner. This is all you have to do yourself in order to take care of your carpets.

The actual deep clean – leave to us, Monster Cleaning Bromley. We have the proper equipment and the right cleaning methods to handle any carpet out there by using steam. Hot water extraction is the most powerful and effective thing out there when it comes to deep cleaning carpets. It will extract everything that’s hiding at the base – dirt, dust, stains, crumbs, etc. And not only that – it will also kill all of the bacteria so you don’t have to worry about it.

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