All of the various cleaning services we can offer you.

Carpet Cleaning

Steam cleaning service which revives your favourite flooring solution. Prices start from £22.

Oven Cleaning

Complete cleaning service for your oven and every dirty part of the kitchen. Prices start from £45.

End of Tenancy

Get your deposit back with a 48 hour guarantee, with our service. Prices start from £89.

One Off Cleaning

A team of cleaners visit your place to clean even the most neglected parts of your home. Prices start from £13/h.

Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning visits from your favourite cleaner or cleaners for the booked hours. Prices start from £9/h.

After Builders Cleaning

Dealing with renovation is exhausting, let us take care of the clean up part. Prices start from £15/h.

The Best Pricing
for End of Tenancy
and Pre Tenancy

We offer 48 hour guarantee for all of our end of tenancy services.

We also offer 50% discount on carpet cleaning prices when combined with any tenancy service.

Prices Including Carpet Cleaning

from £119

  • Studio flat £119
  • One Bedroom £157
  • Two Bedroom £191
  • Three Bedroom £233
  • Four Bedroom £366
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Prices Without Carpet Cleaning

from £89

  • Studio flat £89
  • One Bedroom £117
  • Two Bedroom £137
  • Three Bedroom £179
  • Four Bedroom £239
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Some of the work we've done.

With Monster Cleaning Bromley private and business customers enjoy quality cleaning solutions at affordable prices. We specialize in a sufficient number of convenient and effective cleaning treatments for homes, offices, establishments, etc. as well as specialized solutions like carpet and rug cleaning, comprehensive deep and after builders cleaning, etc. Our services are designed in such a way as to deliver optimal results, maximum convenience and genuine value for money in all instances. We understand that customers have diverse and sometimes unusual requirements so we have left our services open for modification – we can combine or include additional options as needed for better coverage and more cost-efficiency. Our cleaning solutions are available to private and business customers all week round, including bank holidays. We maintain flexible hours during every day. Short notice jobs will be accommodated for.

All of our services are customizable so all you need to do is pick up the phone and tell our friendly customer service agents exactly what do you want and our cleaning technicians will make it happen for you.

Our services in brief

We maintain and provide a range of versatile and inexpensive cleaning solutions delivering industry-standard results without the risk of damage or high costs. Our services can be modified to suit individual needs and wants. Several of our options are also available on a regular/fixed schedule basis.

  • Domestic Cleaning – house cleaning is one of our bestselling services. It provides a convenient and budget-friendly way to keep your home clean and fresh whenever and however you require. Customers can modify the cleaning process as needed or include the various additional options. Available seven days a week under convenient hours.
  • Oven Cleaning – an excellent service available separately or in combination with several of our other treatments. Keep the oven in tiptop condition without breaking a sweat! The cleaning process is suitable for all types of ovens, including self-cleaning models. Uses low scour, non-corrosive cleaning products.
  • End of Tenancy Cleaning – a fully comprehensive treatment, open for booking by landlords and tenants alike. It can cover the entire premises or focus on specific rooms/areas only. Usually booked in combination with carpet or upholstery cleaning. 10% discount for landlords and a full money-back guarantee for all customers.
  • Carpet Cleaning – specialized steam cleaning suitable for all types of natural and synthetic fiber rugs and carpets. Highly effective in stain and odor removal. It can safely be performed on a regular basis. Available to households and offices/establishments. Prices start at only £22!

More options to consider

Besides our main services listed above, we also organize for convenient additional options that are available separately or in combination with any other service. These side services also come with week round availability under flexible hours. Choose from things like:

  • Spring / Deep Cleaning – an excellent way to bring the place up to scratch after long periods of disuse or neglect.
  • After Builders Cleaning – we will have your newly built or renovated home or office perfectly clean and ready for use.
  • Commercial / Office Cleaning – the practical and inexpensive way to keep your place of business fresh and clean, also available on a regular basis.

Experienced staff, industry certified cleaning systems

In order to ensure our private and business customers receive the best possible service at the best possible price, we have made sure our staff and equipment are up to the task. We employ skilled and experienced cleaning technicians who are then trained in the safe and efficient use and application of professional-grade cleaning systems (equipment, products, and materials). The use of industry-certified supplies and gear ensures better results, minimum cleaning time and reduction of resource, power and water waste. Our cleaners are trained to work with moderate amounts of mild formula products wherever possible. We try and reduce the application of aggressive/caustic cleaning products as much as possible. The use of professional cleaning systems and specific products also reduces overall service costs for our customers.

We perform our services with the most effective and powerful equipment that is industry-approved and have zero waste of products as well as water. This makes us eco-friendly and able to provide our customers with affordable prices. For example, we clean carpets using steam – the most efficient cleaning method out there, it gets rid of any dirt, dust and kills all the germs.

Benefits of professional cleaning services

If you are not too sure whether or not professional cleaning services are right for you, consider some of the points below to help you make up your mind. We think that using such options is practical and efficient in nine out of ten cases and also saves people some unnecessary expenses.

  • Professional cleaning is quick, efficient and saves you a ton of hassles – you don’t have to deal with tedious and time-consuming cleaning chores day in day out. Our services wrap around your schedule and availability.
  • Professional cleaning saves you storage space and the unnecessary expense of having to maintain a stock of products and equipment.
  • Professional cleaning works where conventional methods don’t. Services such as ours are in many cases the only way to clean certain surfaces and materials safely and effectively.
  • Overall professional cleaning gives you better results, covers a wider range of requirements and helps keep a healthier indoor environment with less effort and resources.

Monster Cleaning Bromley is a reliable service partner you need. Get in touch with us today and take advantage of professional-grade service minus the margin for error or high costs.